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教学: a:! how are you today? b:i m fine! thank you. how are you? a:fine thank you! right! i tnk we should give the student more work to do so they can remember what they did obviously they can get a better results! b:but i tnk you are wrong! becuase

one of my good friend.I have a good friend whose name is called XXX.We have become good friends since this term.I like to play with her very much.She has a beautiful feature and a lovely face.She is a girl of great strengh.She is considerate,

A:hi ,man . It has been a while since the new life here .How do you feel ?B: It is much better than what my brother told me .He said feshmen here were always doing sth for olders.A: Come on .You brother is 33 ,and we are just 20.Time flies.Everything

Y: Excuse me, is this your book? X: Thank you so much. Y: You are welcome. Are you new admits? X : yes. We just came to register yesterday. My name is Xiao ling. Nice to meet you. This is my best high school friend Lanlan. Y: My name is Yani.

已解决问题 收藏 转载到QQ空间 谁有大学英语2人对话 [ 标签:英语 对话,大学,英语 ] 大学英语2人对话,时间在5分钟左右的. ぁ★蕊☆い 回答:3 人气:11 解决时间:2009-01-02 23:33 检举 (Sam and Tom are talking about the difference

A:Hey,Dany,how are you?B:Hi,Joyce.I am good.It's a surprise that we met you in France.A:Yeah.The world is small,isn't it?Huh.Are they your parents?B:Yes,they are.Dad,Mom,

A: How's your campus life? I heard you got admitted into one of the best colleges in the town.嘿,你的校园生活怎样?我听说你被城里最好的一所大学录取了.B: Congratulations! I wasn't updated by that So tell us more恭喜你!我都不知道.快

奥运 英语 情景对话:dialogue i'm looking forward to the swimming events.(我期待着观看游泳项目.) 情景对话: a:the olympics will be really exciting.(这次奥运会是非常令人兴奋的.) b:yes. i'm looking forward to the swimming events.(

想提高英语口语水平,首先要在语音上下功夫,方法是无法取代刻苦的学习.要大量的阅读和听力做基础,在读和听的过程中,积累词汇,掌握句型,并熟悉 英语表达思想的方式,着重培养语感. 1.大声朗读对话和文章,还有各种句型和口语

秒表显示的是3分15秒,时间上是足够,不知内容是否可以,希望和您继续交流,M:Hi!How are you?w:Well.Fine.Thank you.Just the weather.M:Yeah.It's getting colder and

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