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Made a wrong turn,Once or twice不止一次,我误入歧途 Dug my way out,Blood and fire为了生存,血流不止 Bad decisions,That's alright那些愚蠢的决定,已无所谓 Welcome to my silly life欢迎光临我糜烂的生活 Mistreated misplaced,

made a wrong turn once or twice或许有过一两次的误入歧途dug my way out blind and fine 探掘自己的出路 却由烈狱炙焰铸就bad decisions thats all right做出了错误决定 倒也无妨welcome to my silly life欢迎来参观我愚蠢的生活miss tradings

f**kin perfect 和谐

nobody's perfect-madonna 没有谁完美(麦当娜)i feel so sad.我感到如此悲伤.what i did wasn't right.我所做的事都是错的.i feel so bad.我感觉很不好.and i must say 2 u.我必须对你说.sorry,but- 抱歉,但:nobody's perfect ! 没有谁是完美

是翻唱Fairground Attraction 的 Perfect 这首歌 原唱试听:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/2YdaVuHXUAk/ 歌词 I don't want half hearted love affairs I need someone who really cares. Life is too short to play silly games I've promised myself I won

歌曲名:perfect歌手:Pink专辑:perfectVarious Artist / Perfect DayJust a perfect dayDrink sangria in the parkAnd then later, when it gets dark, well go homeJust a perfect dayFeed animals in the zooThen later a movie too, and then homeChorus:

如果要你处于我这样可怜的境地, 告诉我,你敢么? 如果我告诉你我的人生道路快崩溃了, 告诉我,你会在意么? 要准确告诉我,我应该成为怎样的那是很容易的事, 那是你所臆造的我的完美形象. 但抱歉,原谅我,我不会过你强加于

Perfect Moment_演唱: Martine McCutcheon 词曲:Wendy Page、Jim Marn This is my moment 这是我的时刻 This is my perfect moment with you 这是我与你最完美的时刻 This is what God meant 这是上天的旨意 This is my perfect moment with

楼主你好~ 这是P!nk的《fuckin' perfect》我前段时间在网上看到这首歌的MV就喜欢上它了呢~ 这是土豆上的视频,我相信你找的就是这个~ http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/nAH0_ZbnHRI/ 我的回答你还满意吗~~

nobody is perfect人无完人Sometimes I\'m in a jam 有时候我会陷入困境 I\'ve gotta make a plan 我得想办法应对 It might be crazy 可能有点疯狂I do it anyway 我却一定要做到 No way to know for sure 虽然不能保证会成功 I\'ll figure out a cure 但我会

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