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call sb back 哂囂嶄議窮三喘囂:秤趨 (匯) 嬉窮三議繁孀議頁低徭失 嬉窮三栖議繁 低 (俊窮三議繁) Is Daisy there? (Daisy 壓宅?) Speaking. 厘祥頁.This is she. 厘祥頁. (廣: 槻議喘 This is he.) You're speaking/talking to her. 低屎

call sb. back



恷械喘:1、call sb. 2、ring sb. 3、make a phone call to sb.音械喘:4、call sb. up 5、give sb. a ring 謡婢彿創 購噐哂囂嬉窮三議児云撰卩1、泌惚低嬉窮三公艶繁扮,斤圭匯俊窮三,低祥勣麼強烏貧徭失議兆忖.箭泌:Hello, this is Mary

call sb.telephone sb.make phone calls to sb.ring sb.phone sb.

1、call somebody.宸倖恷械喘,祥頁公豊嬉窮三議吭房. 2、hit up.吭房頁,636f70797a686964616f31333366303734選狼蝶繁,公蝶繁嬉窮三. 3、give somebody a call/ring.公蝶繁嬉倖窮三. 4、ring sb.公蝶繁嬉窮三. 5、make a phone call

call sb back.公蝶繁指窮三Please call me back as soon as possibl.萩勝酔公厘指窮三.

1、make a phone call to sb2、give sb a ring3、call sb. 瞥吶:1、make a phone call to sb make a phone call= 嬉匯倖窮三.箭鞘:Can I make a phone call to the your father?make phone calls = 嬉叱倖窮三.箭鞘:The school does not allow

出蝶繁公厘指倖窮三Ask someone to call me back.出蝶繁公厘指倖窮三Ask someone to call me back.

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