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Watch TV 看电视

1.tv is very popular. most people stick to the tv shows all day long. they don't know it has many effections to them every moment. let's see: tv gives people joy, but also it could damage your thinking. you could forget what you just did eight second ago.

看电视watch TV根据句子具体时态语态,对动词watch进行改变.

看电视 watch tv ----------------------------- 希望担订曹寡丨干查吮肠经采纳,你的支持我们的动力!

watch TV 看电视 watch 英音:[wt] 美音:[wt] TV 缩写词 abbr. 1.=television 英音:['teli,vin] 美音:['tl,vn]

单表达“看电视”的英文词组时可以这样说:watching television

电视机的英语:television 读音:英 ['telvn] 美 ['telvn] n. 电视机;电视节目;电视行业 词汇搭配:1、own a television 有一台电视机2、put on television 打开电视3、speak on television 电视讲话4、close-circuit television 闭路电视 常

看电视的英语是watch the TV 正解!观赏比赛, 或者电视节目, 习惯上用watch

看电视:【Watch TV】

1.我会去看电视. I will go watch TV. 2.我会去复习. I will go review. 3.我会作完之后才玩. I will play after finishing it. 4.我会去报警.I will go call the police. 我会看电视.I will watch TV.

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