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おはようございます./おはよう(母繁需中械喘). 壼貧挫. 書晩は(こんにちは). 低挫.(易爺匯違扮寂嬉孃柵扮喘,匯違喘壓貧怜10泣岻朔) 書は(こんばんは). 絡貧挫. お俚み(やすみ)[母繁寂械喘]./お俚みなさい.

今戴: what a mess! how can you stand living in such a messy dorm?宸戦寔頁嗽壜嗽岱!低断奕担嬬般鞭誼阻廖壓宸担壜岱議凡普戦椿?跡檀蟻: hey, you shouldn`t blame us too much. compared with other guys`, our place is spotlessly clean. i`

This morning I found many students playing video games near the school. I felt rather worried. I hope these students will give it up as soon as possible. Now video games are becoming more and more popular with young boys and girls. They spend

A:Hi! I am new here .Can you showme the school,please? B:Sure!You are welcome . A:Thank you.How many lessons have you one day? B:I have six lessons a day. A:EmWhere are us? B:We are on the playground now. B:Oh!It's late now .The

A:Hi B!What are you doing? B:I am finding my suitcase. A:What will you do with that? B:I am planning to go for vacations! A:Well!Have your school class been over? B:Yes!You are right! A:How nice it is ! B:Yes,so it is.We had six lessons everyday in

胆忽繁峠械需中奕担嬉孃柵?hi,how are you?how are you doing?what's up?..吉吉吉吉.胆忽繁祖爺械喘鞘徨?..心秤趨壅需械喘鞘徨?bye ..see you短油峡艶繁傍三,械喘鞘徨?岷俊傍excuse me繁社祥岑祇

揖僥,C議基宛指基掲械嶄塀,哘乎僉夲 B ,I'm glad you enjoyed it,厘載蕃侑低議輅,宸劔指基曳熟癖栽翌忽繁議晩械伏試泌惚範辛才諾吭厘議指鹸,、返字戻諒議涛嗔壓人薩極貧得勺泣‐諾吭/軸辛.

Can I heip you 頁恷械需議,珊頁where is the XX? can you tell me how to get toXX?

how would you like to get rid of your stress in daily life 低誑劔畏用晩械伏試嶄議儿薦?how would you like to get rid of your stress in daily life 低誑劔畏用晩械伏試嶄議儿薦?


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