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u mother fukend hell ma wo mama

Brief introduction of the technical center of Hubei province rehabilitation aids Technology center of Hubei province rehabilitation aids, founded in 1951, is located in Hubei Province, Wuhan City Hongshan District zhuodao Quan, covers an area of

i won't let you down,neither will make you feel lonely. please trust me, you must live a happy life, no matter how hard it will be in the future, at least you have my greeting and my love for you. through i may not be the best, i believe that no one can give you the better love than me.

China is the world's largest coal production and consumption in the world, but also few to the coal is the main energy in one of the countries, the coal in structure of consumption of our country energy ratio was very high.Among them, most of the coal

Working in this school since 19 93, his teaching characteristic is the work is earnest, abundant experience of students demanding, rich, the school excellent teachers, encouraging students one of, and students into a, deeply welcome students望采纳!

直译:1.Warmly welcome the Provincial Tourism Bureau leadership to the hotel and guide our work!2.Warmly welcome the Provincial Tourism Bureau leadership's presence of the hotel for guidance!3.Warmly welcome the Provincial Tourism Bureau

你告诉我,什么城市作出的支持我,只要我不感到遗憾的是, 我前面发言,举行了我紧,但现在不能. .你的温度会议刺痛我 正在成长的一种疼痛而绝不是敷衍了事的 亲爱的,不要伤害我的变成cardiodynia我会死


有道词典在线翻译 有道英语在线翻译 http://www.ss11.cn/Soft/86.html 有道桌面词典是网易公司开发的一款翻译软件,有道桌面词典的最大特色在于其翻译是基于搜索引擎,网络释义的,也就是说它所翻译的词释义都是来自网络.有道桌面词典

金山词霸 不就可以啊

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