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面试 I: Would you describe yourself as more i outward-looking or more inward-looking?C: I like being around .people and doing things with people, so outward-looking, I guess. I: Were you in a leading position when you were a college student?C:

John: So, what do you think you'll do after school?Mary: I'm not really sure. Maybe, I'll go into the army.John: What? Do you want to kill people?Mary: Don't be silly. The army isn't just about killing the enemy. There are research and

a: i'm so upset now..b:why? Anything bad happened?a:no,..it's justcollege life is not like what i've pitcured. i con't get used to it. it was so much better in highschool. besides, i'm home sick right now.b:come on. don't think about it that way! college

talking about your school what does your school look like?how many teacher and students in your school?who is you favourite teacher?what's she or he like?who is your best friend in your school?my school is a very beautiful elementry school.there is

A:Hi,B,how are you doing?B:Hi,A,I'm doing fine,and you?A:Not bad.You see,I've just moved into a new house.B:Really? You've moved again, where then?A:Just near the church. The house where I lived was too noisy. I just can't bear.B:Oh, yeah, you

Lynn: Hey, Dick, long time no seeDick: Yeah, how's it going?Lynn: Hard to say it. There are always so many things to do in the ending of a semester.Dick: You got it. So many papers are waiting for me.Lynn: So, how is the CET6 last week?Dick:

One day, a village idiot won the first prize in the lottery(彩票). “How did you guess the lucky number?” asked his neighbor. “Well, three times, I dream of seven; so I figure it out that three times seven are twenty-four, and I bought the ticket with

a: 哟 嘛呢 hey what's up b: 没干嘛 遛个弯 not much, just chilling a: 你是大一新生吗?are you freshmen?b:是啊,你也是啊?yea, are you?a: 是啊 有空一起出来耍啊 yea, me too. let's hang out sometime

面试经典问答(一):Q: Why would you be particularly good at this business? A: I was a pastry chef, so I understand dessert products well and can help you with new product development. Recent preservatives have come a long way toward

经典对话一: 男:can i buy you a drink?(我可以为你买一杯饮料吗?) 女:actually i'd rather have the money.(不必,我宁愿留下那些钱.) 经典对话二: 男:can i have your name?(直译:我能有你的名字吗?) 女:why? don't you

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