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A: Hello, can you speak English? B: yes, what can I do for you? A: oh, good. I want to go to HongXing primary school, can you tell me the way? B: sorry, I'm not very clear. There has a police, and I can help you to ask him. A: thank you very much. B:

你自己选个故事改编成对话吧..The Old CatAn old woman had a cat. The cat was very old; she could not run quickly, and she could not bite, because she was so old. One day

A: How's your campus life? I heard you got admitted into one of the best colleges in the town.嘿,你的校园生活怎样?我听说你被城里最好的一所大学录取了.B: Congratulations! I wasn't updated by that So tell us more恭喜你!我都不知道.快

a: hi, this is my friend b. he just moved to my neighborhood last week. b, this is my friend c. we've been friends with eachother since we're little children. b: hello. i'm b. c: nice to meet you. a: good, now we know everybody, how about let's have a

A:Hello,B.B:Hello,A.Who is this?A:This is C.C, this is B.C:Nice to meet you, B.B:Nice to meet you, C.

Jo:Hi Jane.Ja:Hi, Joey, how are you? You don't look happy.O: Yeah, you got it. I am under great pressure these days.A: I see. Examinations could be stressful.O: That's right. Last night, I even had a nightware where I failed all the tests. A: In that case,

M: hi, Dan, what are u doing?D: I am playing war craft.M: Where is Tommy?D: Shiiiii!M:What? What's the matter?D: Don't u see? He is still sleeping.M: My goodness! I can't

waiter: welcome to antico's. here are your menus. today's special is grilled salmon. i'll be back to take your order in a minute. . . . waiter: are you ready to order? customer 1: i'd like the seafood spaghetti. waiter: and you? customer 2: i'll have

(人名可以更改的)Hello,Tom! Hi,Susan! How are you? I'm fine,thanks,and you?I'm fine,too.Look,Sue is coming!Hi,Tom,Hi,Susan! The weather is very nice,isn't it?Oh,yes. I agree with you.Tom,Susan,what are you going to do tomorrow?I've no idea.

Jane: Good morning,Emma.Emma:Good morning,Jane.This is my new classmate, Amy.Jane:Hello,Amy,I am Jane,Nice to meet you.Amy:Hello,Jane.Nice to meet you,too.Emma;Let"s go to the park ,now!Jane and Amy;Good idea,Let's go!

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