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Patient Good morning,doctor! 早上好,医生! Doctor Morning!What's your troubie,young man? 早上好!怎么了,年轻人? Patient I feel sick and I have a headache. 我感觉恶心,并且我头疼. Doctor How long have you been like this? 你

要是需要四个叫色,就把nurse(护士)和 病人的家属加进去.就象这样:Patient's Wife(病人的夫人):doctor, my husband has a headache.Patient(病人): doctor, my head aches.Doctor(医生): do you usually have headaches?Patient:

Beginner A: hello! How are you. B: not too well! I'm just to the doctor. I haven't been feeling too we.. over the last few days. A; what have you got? A cough? A cold? B; that's the funny thing. I don't what's wrong with me. I just feel exhausted. A;

doctor:d patient:p d:what\'s the matter with you ? p:I..I have a toothache.. d:ok..let me see. say \"ah\". p:ah.. d:oh..how often do you brush your teeth? p:once a day. d:..Do you like eat chocolate or candies? p:

病人:早上好,大夫 Patient: Good morning, doctor. 医生:早上好,哪里不舒服? Doctor: good morning. What seems to be thetrouble? 病人:最近有点失眠. Patient: I'e799bee5baa6e58685e5aeb931333337383837m suffering from

一:Doctor,D Patient,P D:What's wrong with you? P:My head hurts badly. D:How long has it been like this? P:Since last night. D:Do you have a sleeping problem? P:Yes,I even can't fall asleep these days D:I think you'd better have a further examine,

病人:早上好,大夫 Patient: Good morning, doctor. 医生:早上好,哪里不舒服? Doctor: good morning. What seems to be the trouble? 病人:最近有点失眠. Patient: I'm suffering from insomnia. 医生:这种情况有多久了? Doctor: How

N: Good morning. P: Good morning. N: What seems to be the problem? P: I'm running a high fever and feeling terribly bad. N: How long have you had the problem? P: Since last night. N: Well, have you ever been here before? P: As a matter of fact,

看病的对话(简短且生活化) Doctor's dialogue (brief and life oriented) 看病的对话(简短且生活化) Doctor's dialogue (brief and life oriented)

20分 求英语情景对话`酒店投诉 人物:经理( hotel manager),客人(guest)` g; may i speak to the hotel manager please?m: hi, this is benny smith, the manager of holiday inn. how can i help you?g: hi. my name is lisa wang. i would like to file a

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