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Let's get ready for class. 准备上课. 2 I'm sorry I'm late. 下次请早点到;屏幕. 31 All eyes on me, please. 请都看着我! 大家齐声朗读? 13 Open your books, please. 请翻开书. 14 Please turn to Page 12. 请翻开书到12页. 15 Please take

二、expression in class 课堂用语16. may i come in? 我能进来吗?17. come in, please. 请进.18. sit down, please. 请坐.19. it's time for class. 上课时间到了.20. open your books and turn to page 20. 打开书,翻到第20页.21. i'll call the roll

小学英语教师课堂用语1. Let's get ready for class. 准备上课. 2 I'm sorry I'm late. /Excuse me for coming late. 对不起,我迟到了. 3 Please come earlier next time. 下次请早点到. 4 Class begins. 上课. 5 Who's on duty today?今天谁值

good morning(afternoon) everyone


“做一些动作”用英语说是:do some actions.1、Now i am going to show you some actions to let you gues out their meaning.现在我做几个动作,大家来猜一下他们的意思.2、You do action i say English.你做动作我说英语.3、I"ll sing and

以下是本人在小学实习阶段总结的课堂教学常用口语: 1.Good morning boys and girls. 2.open your book to page xx. 3.show your hands please. 4.follow me/read after me. 5.spell ( teacher t-e-a-c-h-e-r teacher) 6.check your answer. 7.Do you have

高校英语教师课堂常用语汇编(1). What to say when beginning a lesson 1. Now it's time for us to have class.2. Is that the first bell or the second bell?3. There goes the bell. Now class begins.4. Now let me call the roll.5. Let me check up on you.6.

课堂常规用语一、 打招呼(Greetings)Good morning, class.Good afternoon, class 4.Good morning, everybody.Good afternoon, everyone.Good morning, boys and girls.Good afternoon, children.How are you all today?Are you all well this morning

很多,以下是常用的Class begin上课Good morning/afternoon,class早上好/下午好,同学们 Listen to me carefully认真听我说Read after me跟我读Pay attention to your pronounciation.注意你的发音Look at the blackboard.看黑板Open your books

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