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My name is XX.I am year 22 years old, graduated from XX college. I have many hobbies, such as reading, dancing, singing and so on. I think English is very useful for us, because many people in the world can speak English, if I can speak good

口语考试语言组织一定要有条理,语速适中.开头敬称,中间介绍,结尾致谢.Teacher good morning, please allow me to introduce myself.老师早上好,请允许我自我介绍一下.My name is jack(自己的名字,这里只是例举)我的名字叫jack I

1.Good morning/afternoon/evening, my name is . It is really a great honor to have this opportunity/chance to introduce myself. I would like to answer whatever you may raise, and I hope I can make a good performance today. 上午好/下午好/晚上好!

hello, everyone, I'm glad to stand introducing myself here. 大家好, 很高兴有机会在这里介绍我自己. My name is xxx, from Class x, Grade x xxPrimary School. 我是xxx,xx小学x年级x班的学生. I'm a happy and talented boy. I'm interested in

hello,everyone.my name is///.i'm twelve years old.i am a middle school student. i was born in panjin,it is an beautiful city. now i study in bohai no.1 middle school.i'm in class three,grade two.there are thirteen-five students in our class.we have four

My name is ( Tom). I 'm twelve years old . I 'm a student from No. 2 Middle School. I like playing basketball with my classmates after school . I am good at English and maths . I get on well with my classmates . My parents are both teachers . They are strict with me . They love me and I love them too.


my name is ~内 . my hometome is 家乡~. I study in ~学校school . I am a boy /girl .I live in shenyang , I am 20 年纪容. In my family there are threepeople .they are my mother my father and mine. I have a happy family .

Good afternoon, I am ZZH, an 18 years old boy from FuZhon. It is my pleasure to present myself in this test. As a contemporary college student, I am out-going and sporty. I enjoy exercising in my spare time, such as running and playing ball games.

一;hi,there!大家好**is my name,twelve(years old)我叫**12岁.drawing,writing and singing are my hobbies我爱好画画写作和唱歌.i also like helping others 二;introduce myself 自我介绍 hello,everyone!my name is 、、、 my last name is 、、、

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