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shopping in a supermarket

in Mall dressing room 错了 In the shopping mall in the locker room

商店 [shāng diàn] shop/store:例句: department store; 百货商店 children's goods store; 儿童用品商店 短语1. 商店街 shopping street;2. 商店自动化 store automation

go shopping mall, go supermarket

We can relax and rest in the shopping mall. 或 We can relax and rest comfortably in the shopping mall.

可以说“he is hanging out in the mall"hang out 就是闲逛的意思

merchandise(正式用语)商品、货物;goods (非正式用语)商品、货物.

英文原文:Gina is shopping in the supermarket英式音标:gina [z] [p] [n] [] [supmkt; sju-] 美式音标:gina [z] [p] [n] [] [spmrkt]

“大型商场”英语说法:superstore 读法:英 ['supst; 'sju-] 美 ['supstr] 释义:n. 大型超级市场;大型超市Superstore Season百味超市Elektra superstore艾丽卡超市 Piano Superstore钢琴超市Wellcome Superstore惠康超级广场例句

开业1.to start business; to open for business; to set up shop2.to open a private practice; to practice

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