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不认识的网友strangers 中专同学secondary technical schoolmates 我的家人families 好朋友best frends 还有一个很重要的,不是女朋友.分组里就一个人.the only

不气馁 i [Don\'t be discouraged] 因为身前 i [Because the front] 是你的身影 i [Is your figure] 不胆怯 i [Don\'t afraid] 因为身旁 i [Because of the side] 有心爱之人 i [Have a loved one] Thank you for leaving 「谢谢你的离开」 Let me learn to be stro 「让


My Friends(好友) Families(家人) Relatives(亲人) Schoolmates(同学-校友) Classmates(同学-同班) Colleagues(同事) Employers(工作联系) Others(其他联系人) Strangers(陌生人) 想到的就这些,再有不知道的什么就Hi吧~

the+heart.wasmadeto be broken装饰的可以用好友网名里带的.翻译是 心是用来碎的.by 王尔德.

1.divide into groups: 按能力分组 be grouped according to ability; 分组讨论 discuss in groups; group discussion; 分组学习 study in groups2.grouping; subgroup; block sort; curtate 例句与用法1. The bill was read without a division .该法案未经分

My friendsMy loverYau Kam Po(这个是英文翻译过来的)Cross FireMy HomeColleagues(同事的意思)Manhole(这个是英文翻译过来的)别的英文就很简单了不要翻译了吧!


这是A Tale of Two Cities,双城记的其中一段第一句非常出名啊啊啊每句都是对比、矛盾句,非常哲理,就是反省现在这个大时代的好与坏,可以选几句来用It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,这是最好的时期,这是最坏的时期it

we are crazy we are strangwho are you

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