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relate to sth. : 与---有关;涉及; 有关; 叙述; 有关; 有联系 [同义词]: refer to sth., involve with sth., touch upon sth., deal with sth., have/as connection with sth., be connected to sth.

doing ,to do 都行take也可以

gain admission into sth这个表达是正确的,可以这么说,意思是获准进入某事.满意的话,望采纳~~

allow sb. from sth./doing sth. 某事物向某人开放、允许某人做什么事 这不是一个固定词组所以allow 和 from 分开讨论即可 Who will pay for

relate to sth 和某事相关relate to someone 和某人和睦相处,理解某人

consider as 把…看作…,认为…是…to consider 认为consider as 把…看作…;认为…是…consider and decide 【法】 裁断consider it necessary to do sth 认为有必要做某事consider doing sth 考虑做某事consider sb. as mud v. 蔑视某人consider sb as mud 蔑视某人

worth 是一个只能作表语的形容词,意思为“值……的”、“相当于……的价值的”、“有……价值的”、“值得……的”.后接名词、接动名词的主动形式. be worth sth/ doing sth this second-hand car is worth $2000 at the most. the exhibition

clinging garments 紧身衣 clinging vine [美俚]惯于依靠男人的妇女 cling to a purpose 坚持目的 cling to the last hope 抱定最后希望, 决不灰心 He is of a clinging sort. 他是那种总要依靠别人的人.They clung together when the time came to part. 分离的时候到了, 他们紧抱着不肯分开.据我所知,cling主要搭配的短语就是cling to 了,也是比较常用的一个了.

1. intend to do sth/ doing sth;2. intend sb to do sth;3. sth + be intended for4. intend sth as5. It's intened that-

make efforts to do somethingall my efforts paid of All my efforts went down the drain,just because of a few itchy fingers attached to my hand.我脑子进水使得我所有的努力全白费了.

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