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BE grAtEFul to 还是For

be grateful to (for )感激某人因某事

be grateful for sth 后面跟事物 be grateful to sb 后面跟人 也可以说 be grateful for one's doing sth 感谢某人做某事

be grateful to sb. for sth.因某事而对某人感激 单用的话 be grateful for是“为而感谢” be grateful to 是感谢某人

be grateful to for [释义] 感激某人因某事; 全部释义 [例句]'Very well,' said Armand, extending his hand and grasping mine, 'I accept and shall be grateful to you for the rest of my life.' 太好了,先生,阿尔芒紧紧握住我的手说,我接受了.您对我的好

优择雅思为您解答:be grateful for 对……心存感激 [短语] be grateful for 感谢,感激,对…心存感激 be deeply grateful for 感激别人所给的恩德 be sincerely grateful for 感激爱戴 be grateful to 感谢,感激 [短语] be grateful to sb.感谢,感激,对某人心存感激 be really grateful to you 真的很感激你 Be Grateful to Life 感恩生活

to be grateful is learning to be the fulcrum, the heart of thanksgiving is a good feeling, the world is all things to all people expressed their gratitude, remember, to be grateful is a fine tradition of our nation, is a person of integrity at least moral character

be grateful for:因感激 例:I am grateful to my teacher for being interested in his students.我感谢我的老师对他的学生关心.be grateful to:对感激 例:And think of here, and here all my attention, they will be grateful to them for me.想起和这里,

be grateful to可以.be grateful to sb.for sth.因某事而对某人感激.单用的话be grateful for是"为.".be grateful for应该是正确的.

因为某事而感激某人be deeply grateful (to sb. for sth.) 深深地感谢I am grateful to him for helping me.我谢谢他帮助我.

grateful和thankful的区别为:指代不同抄,用法不同,侧重点不同 一、指代不同1、grateful:感激的.2、thankful:感谢,感激.二、用法2113不同1、grateful:grateful属于一般用语,指因对方的好意而表示“感谢”,语气更重,用行动或语言来表示感5261激.2、thankful:thankful主要指因天意、命运或客观因素所带来的好意而怀有感激之情,也可用于因别人帮忙而感激,意思是深深的感谢,引申4102指激动,有生气.三、侧重点不同16531、grateful:其对象比较具体.2、thankful:其对象较为抽象.

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