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当sb是不定代词的时候,只能是call sb up, 例如,call her up,call him up当sb是人名或指定的某人时候,比如 call tom up, call up tom, call mom up, call up mom两种表达都是对的,只有sb是不定代词时候,只能为call sb up.

Call me get up six o'clock

1.waken 唤醒Please call me up at four tomorrow morning.请在明天早晨4点钟把我喊醒.2.telephone 给…打电话Did anyone call me up while I was out?我不在时有人打电话给我吗?I'll call you up when I need your help.需要你帮助时,我会给你打

She called up a firend just for a chatcall up英文释义叫醒,[军]召集,朝上方叫喊,给…打电话

Sorry to call you so late.抱歉这么晚打电话给你.You can call me Mr. Wood.你可以称呼我伍德先生.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)

Please call me up when you go back home.

Your mother called you up just now, but you were out.

Although I bought a mobile phone, nobody has called me yet. 那句,我常给olina打电话.

Please call me Jim.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)

请采纳为答案 Call on和call at的意思一样,都是"拜访""访问",但call on后接表示人的名词或代词,call at 后接表示地点或场所的词语.I called on the Smiths yesterday.我昨天拜访了史密斯一家人.I called at the Smith's yesterday.我昨天去了

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