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1、What was said was of prime importance.说过的那件事是很重要的.2、Flowers make no difference to this room.这房间有没有花没什么区别.3、 Scientists have tended to skate over the difficulties of explaining dreams. 科学家们往往回避释梦的难题.

1.difference It will make a very big difference.这将造成很大的差别.2.differentlyEvery individual learns differently.每个人的学习方式都不一样.3.also He was mean,also ugly.他既吝啬,又丑陋.4.as wellShe can speak Japanese as well as English.她会说日语和英语.5.one moreI think I can do with one more piece.我想我还能再吃一块.

make a difference 做贡献, every one should make a difference to our county .每个人都应该为城市做贡献

对---有影响 make. a. difference This is where rotarians can make a difference 这便是扶轮社员可以加以改变之处. The sea air has made a difference to her health 海上的空气改善了她的健康状况.

difference[英][dfrns][美][dfrns, dfrns]n.差别,差异; [数]差数,差额; 意见分歧; 特色; vt.辨别,区分; 第三人称单数:differences过去分词:differenced复数:differe

A group of people went camping.The internet function on this phone has been disabled.There is no difference between those two tests.Imagine if you had a million dollars.The normal weather of summer is quite hot in this region.There are many

There are many differences between us. I don`t know the difference between the two pictures.

1.I am going to buy something for dinner I am going to do some cooking I will go fishing tomorrow I will go swimming with my friends 2.I saw him enter the house I saw them open the box I saw him singing happily Isaw here dancing in the room 3.

1 feed +宾语+on sth i feed cat on fish i feed cow on grass i feed dog on bone 2feed+宾语+with sth i feed cat with fish i feed cow with grass i feed dog with bone 3 feed sth to+宾语 i feed fish to cat i feed bone to dog i feed grass to cow

初二letter造句1I had received a letter from a very close friend. 我收到一个很要好的朋友的来信.2Valerie earned letters in three sports: volleyball, basketball, and field hockey.瓦莱丽在排球、篮球和曲棍球三个项目上获得了佩戴校名首字母标志的荣

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