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in trouBlE是什么意思中文

trouble 名词 n. 1. 烦恼;忧虑[c][u] 2. 困难;困境;麻烦的事[u][c][(+with)][+v-ing] 3. 麻烦,打扰,费事[s][u]



麻烦,名词或动词.It's a trouble.做名词,指这是个麻烦的事. sorry to trouble you.做动词,指麻烦某人.

come up with--------想出;提出 be in trouble -------有麻烦了

trouble ['trbl]基本翻译n. 麻烦;动乱;烦恼;故障vi. 费心,烦恼vt. 麻烦;使烦恼;折磨网络释义trouble:麻烦,烦恼|故障|缺陷

in是介词,trouble是名词.in trouble为介词短语,意思是“处于困境、遇到麻烦”,在句中可作表语、定语或状语.如:While you are in trouble, who would you like to turn to for help first?He is always helping those in trouble.In trouble he is always buoyant. 在困难的时候,他总是精神振作的.

完整的应该是be in trouble 陷入麻烦的意思常见词组be in trouble with 与……之间有麻烦get ……into trouble 使……陷入麻烦中

n. 麻烦;动乱;烦恼;故障vi. 费心,烦恼

trouble是麻烦的意思,短语有in trouble意思是处于麻烦中,out of trouble 意思是摆脱麻烦.

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