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it is timE For造句

it is time for sth 是做某事的时间了1. It is time for us to do our homework. 到了我们做作业的时候了.2.It is time for your study. 是时候学习了.(是学习的时候了.)3.It is time for a change. 是时候做出一些改变了.”4.And now it is time for you to move on.

l want to play soccer. lt is time for breakfast.

It is time for supper.It is time for breakfast.It is time for lunch.It is time for your dinner.It is time for school.It is time for learning.

it is time to do sth 到该做某事的时间了 固定的 do they think of chinese and english 这句应该用what what do they think of chinese and english ?他们觉得汉语和英语怎么样?? =how do they like chinese and english ?

it is time for school .it is time to go to school .i want to have a new backpack.it is for you to get up .

It's time for you to go to bed.

it's time to play computer now it's time for playing computer now 是到玩电脑的时候了 这两个句式表达的意思是相同的 只不过一个是to do 形式 另一个是for doing

It's time for:(以下任何一个单词都行) bed(该上床睡觉了) breakfast(该吃早饭了) lunch(该吃午饭了) dinner(该吃晚饭了) school(该上学了)

It is time for go to school

It's time for lunch.

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