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mAkE A plAn For是什么意思

 make a plan是of sth 还是for sth.for 最好.为什么做的计划.如果用最好后边是to do.make a plan for this trip 为这次旅行做个计划.make a plan


make a plan与make a promise的意思不同,用法也不同。 1. make a plan意思是: 制定计划“, .后面可跟to do sth / for sth 如: 1).We should make a plan for the new term . 我们应该为新学期制定一个计划。 2).He is making a plan for thei...

制定一个计划 plan英[plæn] 美[plæn] n.计划;打算;平面图;示意图 vt.& vi.计划,打算,设计

make a plan 是制定计划的意思,work out a plan 也是制定计划,但是区在于make指的是指你已经在脑海中有对这件事情的一个整体的构思,之后就可以有一个完整的计划;而work out的意思就是你对这件事情已经有计划了,现在是在进行一个调整,使得...

make a plan 制定计划;做计划;制订计划 例句 1.When National Day was coming near , they began to make a plan for the holiday . 国庆节即将来临的时候,他们开始制订度假计划。 2.I'd like to talk it over with you before I make a plan...

make a plan for 为…作计划 make a plan phr. 制定计划 plan for 为…作计划 make for v. 1.走向,前往 2.冲向,向…猛扑 3.有利于,致使 elaborate a plan for ... 为…精心拟定一项计划

make a plan for this sunday的英语作文 I’m going to get up at six o’clock.Then I’m going to brush my teeth and wash my face.I’m going to my sister’s home to eat breakfast and learn English from seven o’clock to ten o’clock.I’m g...

第一篇 Summer holiday is coming. I will be very busy in the summer holiday. Here is my plan for the it . I will help my parents to do some housework. I will read some famous books and magazines and newspapers. Besides, I will g...

都行 如: make a plan for sb 为某人订一份计划 Make a plan for trip 作旅行计划 make a plan for others 喻代别人出谋划策

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