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都是动词吧,放在第一个一般都是动词,名词的例子就是make a plan。

plan to do sth 计划去干某事; plan on doing sth 计划干某事 (有希望去做的含义); 两者区别不是很大 What do you plan on doing after you retire?你退休后计划做什么?

plan on doing sth.: 打算做某事 plan to do sth.: 计划做某事;计划去做 没有plan doing这种形式


to do

plan to do 是计划去做某事。 plan on doing是按照计划做着的事。

plantodo是计划去做某事。 planondoing是按照计划做着的事。 希望采纳

This it is my winter holidays to plan!翻译:我...So it is a great honor for our city.It is ...So I do my homework on Saturday morning. In ...

there is no time to do sth.

stick to Sth 遵守,坚持 adhere to; persevere; be constant; remain determined You must stick to your promise.你必须遵守诺言。 He had five different jobs in the last year because he never sticks to anything very long.去年他调换了...

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