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thrust sth uponsB造句

意思是把某事强加于某人. 望采纳,谢谢


She glanced round the room before she left.她略微环视了一下房间才离开.I'm just going to glance over these documents, then we can go.我再看一下这些文件,然后我们就可以走了.On the bus I always manage to glance at the headline in the

employ sb as雇佣某人做(职位) 如:the manager employed mary as his secretary.经理雇用玛丽做他的秘书.

crowd in on 英 [kraud in n] 美 [krad n n] 包围(某人); (往事)涌现于(某人)的脑海1. 包围(某人) Don't crowd in on me, I will see your books one at a time.不要都围着我, 你们的书我只能一次看一本.2. (往事)涌现于(某人)的脑海 Happy memories crowded in on me as I looked at the photographs.当我看到这些照片的时候, 幸福的往事涌上我的心头.

Everytime she receives an email, she will forward me the email. 每次她收到邮件,都会转寄给我. forward sb sth可以是邮件里的转发

The watch costs me 500 yuan.This book costs him 30yuan.The pair of shoes cost her 400yuan.

train sb in sth造句在某方面训练某人例句:the company trains them in marketing这个公司在市场营销方面培训他们

释义:、、、给某人留下深刻印象 造句:1. Impressing her diligence on me. 她的勤奋给我留下了深刻的印象 . 2.This will deeply impress them on your memory. 这将深深地把它们铭刻在你的记忆中.

i will show you my photos 我将给你看我的照片.

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