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1.与现在事实相反:Without air,man couldn't exist on the earth.没有空气的话,人类将不能在地球上生存.谓语动词:would/could/might (not) do sth.2.与过去事实相反:Without your help,I would have failed the e

otherwise,but for ,without 虚拟语气里用法及结构:1、without, otherwise, but for 引导的短语或句子有时相当于一个虚拟条件句.假设的情况并不以条件从句表示出来,而是暗含在上下文中,通过介词短语来表示. 2、使用到这些词组的句子中,

介词 without 可用于表示条件,引出虚拟语气,与 but for 大致同义.如:I'd be lost without you here. 没有你在这儿,我会一筹莫展.Life would be quieter without the telephone. 要是没有电话,生活就会清静一些了.We'd be better off without them as neighbors. 要是没有这家邻居,我们就过得更愉快了.

此句是"without"引导的含蓄条件虚拟句工人的帮助是已发生的事实,此句是对在没有工人帮助下的虚拟.Without the worker's help = If there hadn't been the worker's help是对过去的虚拟.故主句用 would not have made 相应时态.试比较With her help(=If I had her help),I would do the experiment well.假如有她帮助,我就可以把这个实验做好.此句是对现在/将来的虚拟.If you still feel confused leave a message please祝学习进步!!

otherwise : 用otherwise的虚拟条件句中,前一部分是陈述语气,后一部分是虚拟语气. 如:I ran all the way to school , otherwise I would have been late . 我一路跑到学校,不然就迟到了 but for : 有时虚拟语气可用but for , without , under 等介词短语引导.这个没特别的规律用法. 如:But for electricity (=If there were no electricity ) , there would be no modern industry. 要是没电,就不会又现代工业.

without为介词,后面加名词.如: Without your help ,we wouldn't have finished the task on time.=If it hadn't been your help, we.

介词without用法归纳 一、基本用法1. (表否定)没有,无,不需.如:The letter was posted without a stamp. 那封信没贴邮票就寄出去了.We got there without any trouble. 我们到了那儿,一路上没遇到任何麻烦.You'll get wet if you go out in


without, otherwise, but for, but引导的短语或句子有时相当于一个虚拟条件句.假设的情况并不以条件从句表示出来,而是暗含在上下文中,通过介词短语来表示. 使用到这些


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